I LOVE to sit in the window seat on the plane, even if that means I have to climb over people to go to the bathroom in-flight. Being able to see the world from that high is way cool!

But according to Tim Clark, the president of Emirates Airlines, says there is the possibility that there will be windowless planes in the next 20 years.

WHAT?! No! How else am I supposed to see the world from that perspective?

There are people like me who will be really upset that we would lose the cool views, while people who get claustrophobic will vow to never fly again if this happens.

I would assume that this idea started circulating after the engine on a Southwest plane exploded and caused a woman to be almost sucked out of a plane window. Kare 11 states that "eliminating windows would make the exterior plane stronger by eliminating structural weaknesses and allowing them to fly farther, faster."

How would you feel about flying without windows on the plane?


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