At work this morning I heard a rumor that Aldi in Waite Park was limiting customers to one paper product per customer. I figured this called for an investigation so on my lunch break I drove across town to the store to see it for myself.

Sure enough, you get back to the aisle that has paper towels and toilet paper and there are signs posted everywhere that say:

Limit one toilet paper/paper towels/package of water.

Due to high demand we are limiting these items. We apologize for the inconvenience.
- Waite Park Aldi Team

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Panic buying basic supplies is happening all across America and the world right now. The general public has been fed mixed messages by the media about the severity of coronavirus, and the response is to prepare for the worst. Hand santizer was one of the first items to be panic purchased, and now it is toilet paper. The tissue won't protect from the virus, but people are worried if they get quarantined they will run out.

Over-preparing gives people a sense of control over something when they might be feeling powerless. Yes the coronavirus exists, and it is serious, but the best course of action is to listen to the Center for Disease Control and do what they say to avoid it. Clean surfaces, wash your hands, and avoid touching your face with unwashed hands have been the big ones. You can see all of the CDC's suggestions on their website. 

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