According to a press release from the Scott County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, last month while serving a search warrant in Jordan law enforcement located and confiscated almost 500 THC edibles from the home. These edibles, according to Sheriff Luke Hennen are dangerous for children to ingest and also pose a risk of potential addiction. 

Last month, the Southwest Metro Drug Task Force, together with the Jordan Police Department, conducted a controlled substance search warrant in the city of Jordan.  In addition to other controlled substances, nearly 500 pieces of THC edibles were found packaged to look identical to popular, name-brand candies.

Edibles, or food products infused with cannabis extract, have become a popular way to sell marijuana, and many are being manufactured in places where it is legal and then illegally shipped, sold and used where it is illegal.  Drug-laced edibles are often packaged to look nearly identical to popular candies, snacks, and beverages and may be difficult to distinguish from the real thing.  Like vaping products, edibles are often disguised with fruit or candy flavors to target children.

“I want to use this incident as an opportunity for productive, solution-minded dialogue within our community,” said Sheriff Luke Hennen in the press release.  “We need to focus on educating parents, teachers, and children to the dangers of the potency of these products and the long-term health risks associated with potential addiction.

The mission of the SWMDTF is to provide a comprehensive and multi-jurisdictional effort to reduce drug trafficking and its harmful consequences and to provide effective drug awareness education through the coordination and resource sharing of its participating agencies within Scott County, Carver County, McLeod County, and a small portion of Hennepin County.

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