After a day like we had yesterday with the sleet, snow, ice, and not very Spring-like temps today felt like a total 180. Temps were around 40 this afternoon and in an effort to appeal to our hyper-active dog my wife and I ventured outdoors to some area dog parks to get some canine recreation in. The only problem, there weren't too many other dogs for our dog Grom to play with. 

We started off at the new Lonsdale dog park, we arrived and noticed we were the only ones there. We unleashed our pooch inside the park and let him run wild for about a half-hour while my wife and I walked around the park taking in the Spring air in our knitted caps and gloves.

Our dog got bored being the only pooch there and quietly demanded we leave after about 30 minutes by protesting near the gate. Being that we had nowhere to go, and nothing to really do with our day we decided to give the Dundas dog park a try as there generally seems to be some other dogs there for our dog to run around with.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

Sure enough, we pulled up to the park and there were some other dogs and their owners, hanging out at appropriate distances from one another, while their dogs played.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

While we are being asked to leave our homes for only essential reasons, the Governor also stated that Minnesotans can go outside to exercise or of course to get some fresh air and that is what we did, along with several other pet owners.

It was odd at times to be so far from other dog owners, somewhat shouting to one another about our pets, but it's the new normal. My wife and I laughed to ourselves when we brought up what the dogs could possibly be thinking as their owners stood off in the distance "barking" at the other owners.


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