Yesterday evening, after enjoying a nice meal at Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown Minneapolis, I attended the final performance of Cirque du Soleil's Toruk: The First Flight at Target Center.

This show was inspired by James Cameron's Avatar, with the story set on Pandora. It depicts a major part of their history, which took place before the events in the movie and follows two young Na'vi warriors that are joined by another warrior from another clan as they attempt to collect five talismans that will help them tame the fearsome Toruk. The Toruk is a large flying creature that resembles a bird crossed with a dragon, which the young warriors hope will help them avert a disaster that has been prophesied that threatens the sacred Tree of Souls.

The story was interesting but a little predictable with the focus of the show seeming to be more about the visuals that were created rather than the actual acrobatics, which has always been the heart of each Cirque du Soleil performance that I've attended. Don't get me wrong, these actors put themselves through all kinds of crazy moves whether on the ground or high above the stage, but the video projections that are used to transform the landscape along with special effects and puppetry tends to overwhelm the significance of the performers and their story.

We had a good time and the entire show only lasted about two and a half hours with a 20-minute intermission about halfway through.

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