An unusual event is occurring at the strange geological formation known as Devil's Tower this weekend as hundreds of people are expected to flock to to the majestic natural monument in celebration of Steven Spielberg's classic science-fiction movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Released forty years ago this year, the movie was recently remastered in 4K and re-released in select theaters earlier this month.

I've been out to Devil's Tower and it is a breathtaking sight to see. You can see this natural wonder from miles away as your driving towards it. The tower itself is really just the solidified core of an old volcano. I didn't see any UFO's while I was there but I did see thousands of prairie dogs.

The Devil's Tower UFO Rendezvous is being held on the site from this Thursday through Saturday, September 14-16, to pay homage to the 40th Anniversary of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. As part of the celebration there will be a parade, live music, a BBQ cook off, guest speakers and more.

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