Minnesota is the least stressed state, and is one of four Midwest states in the top 5!

This seriously shocks me. After this second winter and the stress that it HAD to have put on people during their commute I don't quite understand why Minnesota is the least stressed. What about all of those states that have warm beaches all year?!

The study looked at stress in the work place, health, family, and money. Minnesota ranked at the bottom of all of these, except for family stress where we ranked 49th.

North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa were the others ranked in the top 5 least stressed states. North Dakota at #2, Iowa at #4, and South Dakota at #5. Utah swooped in and took the #3 spot. And if you're curious, Wisconsin ranked #6.

The most stressed state? Louisiana! A beautiful warm state! Alright, I should pay attention to what the study looked to for the rankings, weather had nothing to do with it.


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