This. Is. CRAZY!

So first Walmart offers free two-day shipping on orders $35 or more. Then Target announced free two-day shipping on any order until December 22nd. And then Best Buy announced that they're doing free shipping on any order (not free two-day shipping, but still free shipping!).

All of this seemed to be in competition with Amazon and they're free two-day shipping for Prime members (or free shipping for purchases of $25 or more over the holidays). But now Amazon is one-upping themselves and offering free shipping for EVERYONE for the holidays (now through December 22nd)!

Just like Best Buy, though, it's not free two-day shipping, it's just free plain old shipping but there's no minimum purchase required. KARE 11 reports that "shoppers who aren't Prime members will get slower shipping, though, which can take five to eight days."

Regardless, it's still free shipping on all US holiday orders! Of course, Amazon's goal, as CNN reports, is "to add new Prime members and juice the season's sales numbers." So no, they aren't just doing this out of the kindness of their heart.


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