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When you're an attorney in Minnesota and you have a common name like Nelson, you might want to clarify you're not THAT Eric Nelson.

For the past three weeks, the name Eric Nelson has become a familiar one not just here in Minnesota but across the country, as the attorney representing former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was, in fact, named Eric Nelson.

But there's also at least one OTHER attorney practicing law here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes who shares that same name but is, in fact, a totally different person. But, of course, people are confusing him with the attorney in the Chauvin case. And THIS Eric Nelson would like to clarify that's not him.

If you check out the website for attorney Eric C. Nelson, you'll see that he's a divorce attorney who's been practicing law here in the North Star State since 1996. But ever since the OTHER Eric Nelson took over as defense attorney for the now-convicted murderer, Derek Chauvin, Eric C. Nelson has been trying to point out the difference between the two attorneys named Nelson.

In a paragraph posted on his website, Eric C. Nelson said:

Note: If you are looking for the Eric Nelson who is representing Derek Chauvin, that's not me.  You want this guy. (Welcome to Minnesota, where the name Eric Nelson is a common as walleye sandwiches. I wish my parents had named me Thor Nelson instead. Then I wouldn't have this problem.)

Which is pretty funny-- especially when you consider it was written by an attorney, where their legal work oftentimes forces them to be fairly serious. Nelson's humorous way of clarifying his identity caught the attention of CBS-Minnesota reporter Caroline Cummings, who posted the note on her Twitter page Wednesday, the day after the jury returned three guilty verdicts against Chauvin.

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