The year is quickly passing by and you’ve got a lot of plans for things you’d like to do before it ends. Maybe you’ve got some final landscaping in mind, maybe the kids are itching for a new mountain bike or maybe you just want to get away for the weekend. That’s great, but it all takes money.

Where are you going to come up with some extra cash to finance some of your dreams? That’s where Power 96 comes in. For the next couple of weeks we’re offering you the chance to win up to $5,000 and we’re doing it three times every weekday until October 6, 2017. Then’s when we slam the door to the money vault closed.

All you have to do to fill your pockets with all that wonderful money is listen at 7:20AM, 12:20PM and 4:20PM each weekday for the Power 96 Cash Code. If you’re a Power 96 VIP you can enter that code online for a shot at the loot. It’s just that easy, and you get to listen to some great classic rock. Sure beats working for it! If you’re not yet a Power 96 VIP:

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