Can you believe it? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only about a month away! Every year you see videos of crazy people trampling each other the day after Thanksgiving just to get a "deal" (I say that in quotes because sometimes it's not really that great of a deal). So do Minnesotans contribute to the insane shopping frenzy that is Black Friday? And do we shop Cyber Monday deals while at work the following Monday?

According to a recent study, most do but a surprising 43% of Minnesotans don't plan on spending any money on Black Friday OR Cyber Monday. That's a much higher percentage than I was anticipating.

The study broke down what Minnesotans plan on spending for Black Friday as opposed to Cyber Monday this year and it looks like Black Friday will be slightly more popular. On Black Friday, 42% of Minnesotans plan to spend up to $400 and 43% plan on spending nothing. On Cyber Monday, only 37% plan on spending up to $400 and 47% plan on spending nothing. And only 20% of us plan on shopping Cyber Monday deals while at work.

Which do you prefer, Black Friday or Cyber Monday?



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