If you've driven by the back side of Power 96 in the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed some construction equipment busy doing a little deconstruction or, better yet, destruction. Met-Con was back to finish the demolition of the last attached structure at the rear of the building that houses not only classic rocker Power 96 but the iconic Mighty 920 KDHL, as we continue the beautification of our business.

I wasn't able to watch the massive chimney fall, but I felt it in the studio. When that colossus hit the ground it literally made everything that wasn't nailed down jump, and that included me sitting on the bar stool we have in the studio. Luckily a gentleman from a tree trimming service that happened to be working out back caught it on video. In order to bring it down, the crew had to hook a cable onto the top of the chimney and then attach the other end to the bucket of a front end loader. While he backed up to pull on the stack, the excavator pushed on the backside until it toppled over, crashing into the ground in a spectacular spray of bricks.

On the good weather days they made short work of cleaning up the rubble and laid down a base of sand in its place. I don't think they're quite done because they've secured a tarp along the whole back side of the building, but that's a story for another day.

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