Okay now that Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday have all come and gone, how'd you fare? Now that all the excitement and hype has died down, do you feel like you picked up some great deals or are you experiencing what I like to call "the overspending hangover?" You know, that feeling where you realize that you may have gone a little overboard and some of those so called deals weren't really that good of a buy. I know I avoided that altogether this year and pretty much every year by preplanning what I'm going to buy and not give in to impulse buying.

This year's list had about a dozen items on it and I managed to keep it just under that amount. Plus, I'm usually only purchasing things for myself. My wife and I start our Christmas shopping in the summer and usually have more than half of it done by the time Thanksgiving hits. I will admit that I did make a couple of impulse buys of some cheap DVDs and a variety pack of Hot Wheels for the grandkids, but other than that the things I purchased were what I planned on buying. Three of the items I purchased were things I'd wanted for a while: a new air hose reel and hose for my compressor, a digital multimeter and a good shovel. Sadly the shovel was probably the most important. My old shovels were always those cheap $6 throwaways that crack and bend. I decided to take advantage of a great deal at Ace Hardware and picked up the best lightweight shovel they had. I can't say that I can hardly wait to use it, since that would mean it snowed, but at least with my snowblower and new shovel I'm ready for anything that winter can throw at me.

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