If you're a pet owner you might want to keep an eye on your pets when they go outside. A recent rash of incidents in the surrounding communities have lead to tragic or near tragic events to area pets.

KAAL TV News in Austin, Minnesota recently reported that according to police, a local "dog owner in southwest Austin found chunks of meat with fish hooks in their yard on Friday afternoon." Apparently this chunk of meat had been tossed into the yard with the intent of luring the animal into eating it thus injuring the dog. Luckily the pet's owner noticed the dog chewing on the meat and took it away before it could cause any harm.

Unfortunately incidences like this are not only happening in Austin. It was recently reported that Cannon Falls police were looking into two cases of dogs being poisoned. Sadly, one of the dogs died and the other one had to be put down.

To stay on the safe side and ensure your pet's health and well being, make sure you regularly check your yards for anything out of the ordinary. And make sure to report anything suspicious you may find on your property to the police.

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