There are 135-foot tall grain silos in Mankato that are being turned into an incredible piece of art. Australian artist Guido van Helten has been working on a giant mural on these silos since mid-October.

KARE 11 says that Guido has painted many other murals, quite a few in the US, but this is one of his largest pieces of work. He also decides what he's going to paint based on the location he's in. "He got the idea for Mankato's mural after attending the annual Pow Wow there."

Guido said to KARE 11, '''I've got maybe another week before I say the weather has beaten me ya know. You have to adapt to the conditions or to the surface." If the mural isn't finished before winter has beaten him he'll finish it when spring comes around.

You can read more about the mural and take a look at a picture of it HERE!

The mural costs a total of $250,000 and has been privately funded.

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