On Tuesday afternoon a pregnant woman got on a St. Paul Metro Transit bus. A few minutes into her ride the person across from her asked if she was ok. A few minutes later the baby was born right there on the bus!

Woah, woah, what?!

The Star Tribune reports that the mother started having contractions while on the bus. The woman sitting across from her helped her out and so did a man who came running up from the back of the bus.

This guy had no experience in delivering babies, but as Jane Mulcahy, the woman sitting across from the pregnant women, told Star Tribune, “'He just had to catch this baby. It was very impressive of him to do this. He was amazing.'”

Throughout this whole process, the driver had been notified of what was going on, pulled over and called 911. Paramedics arrived soon after the baby was born. This baby was ready because it was born in a matter of minutes!

Both mother and baby are being treated at a hospital.

What an insane but also awesome story! Good thing the fellow passengers jumped in to help her out!


Source: Star Tribune


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