If you can't put the fast food down, maybe you are trying to quit smoking and you just can't seem to get over the hump maybe you want to try something a little different. A device I found on Amazon claims to help you nix your cravings by supplying you with a brief jolt of electricity. The device is called the Pavlok II and it is "based on 80 years of science-backed, aversion therapy studies." according to it's Amazon page. 

So how does this thing work? Well according to their website you wear the device and then when you catch yourself doing something you shouldn't be doing like smoking or breaking your diet, you self-administer yourself a shock. Some people claim it works really well, others say it doesn't work at all. You can read the Amazon reviews here.

One funny feature that was highlighted on Amazon makes me more interested in the device as it has a remote shock feature. Check out the question someone asked online!

Image Credit: Screengrab Amazon.com
Image Credit: Screengrab Amazon.com


"My nephew uses the F word frequently enough that my neighbors have complained. How do you set the device to discourage/re-train for this behavior?"

The response states that you can remotely control the device. Sounds like someone could have some fun with an unknowing wearer of the device.

Talk about the ultimate gag-gift for that buddy who is always pranking you. The price for this interesting device? Around $131.

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