The father of 10-year-old Barway Collins has pleaded guilty in his son's death.

According to the Associated Press, Pierre Collins entered the plea this morning in Hennepin County Court in Minneapolis. County Attorney Mike Freeman said that in a plea deal that Collins plead guilty to second-degree murder, which means he may not be eligible for release for at least 40 years. Collins is 33.

He was indicted by the grand jury on a first-degree murder charge early in June. Pierre Collins stated this morning that he became angry with the boy when he got off the bus back in March and was playing around. He began to beat Barway and beat him to the point of him being unconscious. He then bound Barway's hands with duct tape and tossed him in the river. Apparently he was going to try to collect life insurance money to help a desperate financial situation.

Barway's mother and some of the family were at the hearing. An investigation was opened into whether the elder Collins abused any of his other children.

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