Who doesn't love a holiday weekend! The long weekends are often full of friends, family, phenomenal festivities, and delicious food. You can be utterly carefree, right? Well, not completely. In fact, drivers should be on high alert this weekend. 

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Holidays are known for two things when talking about road conditions: traffic and drunk driving incidents. A bad combination.

According to a study by AutoInsurance.org,

"Independence Day, the deadliest holiday to drive in the United States, averages 450 fatal crashes during its 4-day holiday period. Our study found that 40% of those crashes involved an impaired driver and 70% of those drivers had BAC levels at 0.15 or higher."

It's more common for these alcohol-related crashes to happen at night. Actually, most occur from 6 pm to 6 am. If you've been drinking, remember that it's NOT worth the risk.

Independence Day is known as the deadliest holiday, but it is not alone. These other holidays also see a big uptick in car-related accidents.


Top Ten Deadliest Holidays For Auto Accidents

Drive slow, be alert, and make smart choices. Keep this Fourth a July a celebration, not a memorial.

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