If you for some reason are looking for me this weekend, the chances are strong I will be somewhere in the vicinity of the Montgomery Brewing Company as some new beers [mmm beer] are set to be released, there will be a band Saturday, and on top of that, there will be tacos Friday and a BBQ truck serving up some food Saturday.

The event, on what would have been Kolacky Days weekend, should be a good time if you like beer, bluegrass, and tasty food.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

The beer to be released from Montgomery Brewing Company is a peach flavored IPA, and a barrel-aged imperial raspberry wheat. I've had the imperial raspberry wheat before, I believe it was also available this winter before everything shut down due to COVID-19.

The KDay IPA sounds pretty interesting, I hope it's got some peach flavor to it, but not overpowering. Of course, if it's cold I won't complain too much about how warm it's expected to be this weekend.

A heat advisory will be in effect at noon both today and Saturday with the heat indices being up near 103-105.

If the event sounds like something you'd want to attend, remember it is also the first day of the mask mandate, and we are still dealing with COVID-19 so stay socially distanced. My plan is to drop by grabbing a beer and as the Doobie Brother's once said, "listen to the music."

Be safe this weekend!

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