Just last week Target announced they'll be offering free 2-day shipping starting tomorrow (November 1st) through December 22nd. No minimum purchase is required!

That's an amazing deal, they're most definitely trying to compete with Walmart (free 2-day shipping on a $35 purchase or more) and Amazon. And now Best Buy has also hopped in the competition ring!

From now until Christmas Day (December 25th) you can get free shipping on anything, no minimum purchase! Sounds pretty great, but here's the catch: did you notice that nothing about 2-day shipping is included?

Yeah, so it's like they're trying to compete with Target, Walmart, and Amazon, except all three of them offer free 2-day shipping (with a minimum purchase requirement or not) and Best Buy doesn't.

They say that if you want to guarantee that your Best Buy purchase will arrive before Christmas you need to order by Cyber Monday (November 26th).

The one possible leg up that Best Buy has on Target is that they offer this free shipping deal longer, Target's offer only goes until December 22nd. But also, if you buy something from Best Buy after the 22nd it might not get to you in time so maybe there's no leg up here.



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