After dining out, OK gorging myself, at one of the local Asian food buffets, my wife and I decided to try and get a quick walk in before I came back to work to assist with getting the Faribault/Owatonna volleyball match on the air. I was curious about how much the water had receded in the Cannon and Straight rivers around the Faribault Woolen Mill Co. and Faribault Foods. So we parked in the lot at Two Rivers Park and wandered down to the fishing platform where the two rivers converge.

It was still quite high and running fast. A lot of debris has accumulated right in the bend where they meet as well as along the river itself. We had planned on walking most of the length of the trail that runs behind Faribault Foods but only made it to 14th Street before it started to sprinkle and barely made it back to the car before it began to pour. Along the way I took some pictures of the water still up in the woods behind "The Can" and across the river from the Waste Treatment Plant.

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