We have seen the ads, the commercials, the freebies for being one of the first 200 people to walk through the doors and the lists of stores that will be open (or not) on Thanksgiving. The holiday shopping season has begun, and for several people I know, part of that is going out to snag the deals on Black Friday. I am all for getting a great deal, and I shop the clearance items all the time.

I will not, however, be out and about trying to score deals on Black Friday, at least not the early bird deals, nor will I be out shopping on Thanksgiving. My family will be eating supper together this year, and I would rather spend time eating and playing cards, than heading out to the stores.

The last time I went out for Black Friday shopping was a few years ago, and I learned that I don't do well when I'm in large crowds and those $5 pajamas are just not that important to me. I hired a sitter, was up at 2 am, and headed out shopping with the BFF. While everyone was nice, no brawls or fights over the latest toy or gadget, by the time I got home, I was completely drained. That meant the whole next day, which is usually the day I decorate for Christmas, was shot.

If you choose to go out and score those deals, that's great! As for me, I will wait until later in the day to maybe browse the aisles. And, if something is a great deal for that particular sale, chances are, I may be able to find it online.

Black Friday

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