Well, chalk another loss of a summer celebration to COVID-19. Blooming Prairie's 4th of July celebration, one of the largest not only in Southern Minnesota but one could say the entire state, has officially been canceled. 

According to the Steele County Times, during last night's 4th of July committee meeting it was decided to "forgo the city’s annual Fourth Festival due to the COVID-19 pandemic."

This is the second cancellation of the parade in three years, as two years ago rain and the threat of severe weather canceled the festivities.

A Facebook post to the Chamber of Commerce's page also states that it was a difficult decision driven in part by "a lot of unknowns at this time what the near future is going to look like. We do not know exactly what phase we will be in, the amount of people that can gather at a specific location, etc."

Fireworks, however, are still on the table as the Chamber of Commerce plans to still have a fireworks show. "At this time, it is still unknown the circumstances of the fireworks, such as having people sit at Victory Field, etc. However, you can still watch fireworks from your home and in your car if we are not allowed to have individuals sit in the park."

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The Blooming Prairie 4th of July Parade was an activity that I had always looked forward to each year. It not only was one of the biggest parades we drove the station vehicles in, but it was also one of the most fun ones to be in as everyone was always in a great mood.

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