One of Minnesota’s newest millionaires came forward today to collect a big prize at the State Lottery Headquarters. Patty Loberg purchased a ticket that matched the first five numbers from Tuesday night’s Mega Millions drawing at Mike’s Gas for Less convenience store in Bloomington and later heard from her husband that a winning ticket for the game’s 2nd place prize had been sold by the business.

The Bloomington woman says she still waited a couple more hours to check the ticket and discover that she had won $1 million. After checking and rechecking her ticket on the State Lottery website 5 times, Loberg went to the convenience store and had an employee verify her good fortune.

“I said, ‘I think I won—no seriously—I think I won,’” she recalled. “He checked the ticket and then gave me a big hug and we all started screaming!”

State Lottery officials say they are still waiting to hear from the person who purchased a ticket for Wednesday night’s Powerball drawing that can also be redeemed for a $1 million prize. That ticket was purchased at a business in Minneapolis.

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