Storm Area 51 has lead to some funny online memes, and with its viral popularity it isn't out of the realm of thought that businesses would be cashing in on it. Cue Anheuser-Busch brand's Bud Light. Their Twitter account has been spot on with the Area 51 non-sense and even better they put a photo out of a special 'Area 51' can that could become a limited time reality. 

The black can that still contains Bud Light is highlighted by a light green script and alien head where the Anheuser-Busch crown would be on a Budweiser. With all the flack they caught during the Super Bowl with their 'No Corn Syrup' campaign that backfired here in the Midwest, the company is again making online headlines with this can concept. When the photo was posted last Wednesday, someone asked Bud Light if this was going to happen. Bud Lights response was for 51,000 retweets the can becomes a reality. Right now the photo has roughly 39,400 retweets in only a week so it's likely you might be seeing a special edition 'We Come In Peace' Area 51 Bud Light cans in the beer fridge early September just in time for the Storming of Area 51 Event on September 20th.

I mean who wouldn't want these cans? Look how happy they made these residents of Area 51!  

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