At a school board meeting yesterday (Thursday) evening, the Burnsville-Savage-Eagan school district board voted to close three schools at the end of this academic year. The three schools closing will be Marion W. Savage Elementary School, Sioux Trail Elementary School, and Metcalf Middle School.

These schools will be closing due to "declining enrollment and underutilized buildings" according to WCCO. The district's superintendent Dr. Theresa Battle said before the vote, “'I do not relish bringing this recommendation to you. It’s not what I want to be doing as an educator or an educational leader.'”

The closes of these schools will affect about 1,225 students. They "will have the option to open enroll in different schools in the district." One student is devastated because this means she will be separated from her friends.

This student's mother, Barbara Freely, spoke with WCCO and said that they've "' had hard talks as a family about what we are going to do next year.'"

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