This extreme cold is crazy and it can really wreak havoc on things, especially pipes. Unfortunately, there is a brewery in Duluth, Minnesota that experienced this issue just yesterday. They were surprised with a burst pipe which caused them to close their doors for the time being.

The brewery is called Hoops Brewery. They shared a video of what was going on in the brewery and described it as a "little rain storm". Ummmm, that's more than a little. It is more like a downpour. What a nightmare!

They said that the Duluth Fire Department was able to fix the issue quickly and they started work to clean up. They're trying to dry everything off and they got a company in to de-humidify and re-sanitize everything.

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I hope they're able to open again soon because that really stinks, but I do not want to know how long it takes for all of that to dry. I mean, did you see the puddle on the floor? Ugh! No thank you. They did post an update on Facebook today saying they hope to open early next week, so fingers crossed.

The weather has been so cold recently! And don't even talk about the wind chill... brr. While I'm writing this story it may be 3 degrees out in Rochester but the wind chill makes it feel like -11. Speaking of wind chill, do we really know what that means? Keep scrolling for the answer and answers to other weather-related questions.

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