On Thursday, February 28th, Byron Middle School students were released at 9:30 AM due to a structural concern with the roof. The message sent to student's parents and guardians by the school's superintendent didn't say the structural concern was due to the snow but I don't doubt that that's the problem.

Here is the message that the superintendent, Dr. Joey Page, sent to student's parents and guardians according to ABC 6 News:

Each and every day, our first priority is to protect all students, staff, and guests from harm in our schools.  Byron Middle School will dismiss at 9:30 as a result of structural concerns of the building's roof.  Busses will pick up students beginning at 9:30.  Student walkers will be sent home at 9:30 and students being picked up will follow regular procedures.

Stay tuned for more information.

Thank you,
Dr. Page

This isn't the first time a school has been released early due to roof concerns. Just yesterday Gage Elementary School in Rochester was dismissed early because of the same thing.


Source: ABC 6 News


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