A big salute to the gang working at Nate's Garage/Community Garage in Cannon Falls. I recently learned that the 501c3 organization is helping out area veterans and low-income families get the auto repairs they need at a greatly reduced price.

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The garage program began in 2019 when Nate Icaza and Ali Fitzpatrick saw that their community needed a program to help people with car repairs. According to the website; "So often a huge car repair springs up and leaves those who were already having trouble making ends meet scrambling to cover the car repairs. They knew sometimes people were deciding on eating and repairs. So they knew Nate's Community Garage was just the program that needed to be started."

The community garage program serves veterans and low-income families in Dakota, Goodhue, and Rice counties. You can get the application for the community garage program here. 

Applications are accepted in the order they are received by the program. So there could be a little bit of a wait for that car to be serviced, but all good things have some waiting for them.

According to the garage's website, this is how the program works. The Nate's Community Garage "program is designed to only help with safety components. This does not address any preventative maintenance services. We would be happy to provide those services at full price."

Services covered under this special program are:

  • Complete Computer Diagnostics
  • Complete Safety Analysis
  • Drivability Problems
  • Tires
  • Brake repair
  • Steering and Suspensions

The garage will "award up to $1,000 worth of repairs for only 25% out of client pockets plus tax will be asked from our clients." The website does let people know that any other repairs would be done with client permission at an agreed-upon price.

This is the type of thing we need to be celebrating right now. Some positivity in our area among all the negative static with the election and COVID-19. Being that Nate's Community Garage doesn't get funding from the government for the work they do, if you'd like to help out and donate money, parts, etc, head here to help them out. 

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