A Southern Minnesota business is just trying to get one of it's employees back. The Albert Lea Seed House and Garden Center has been looking for one of it's cats for about a month now, and a recent post seems to have shed some light on what happened to the 4-legged employee. It seems that someone may have simply taken it home. 

According to a post to the business's Facebook page, "Crouton was reportedly picked up on our property by an individual who assumed he was a stray. We’ve been in contact with the police. They have been able to tell us that Crouton was indeed picked up, but the individual has not provided any further information."

The cat in question, Crouton, is no stranger to hijinks as last year Crouton hopped in the vehicle of an unsuspecting customer and caught a ride back home with them according to an earlier post to the businesses Facebook page.

When I worked in Albert Lea, I got to know the staff at the Albert Lea Seed House and Garden Center pretty well (heck my old neighbor worked at Albert Lea Seed and we shared many a beer together) and when you would be shopping you'd spot a cat or two wandering around the property keeping the pests in check.

So the question remains, who has this cat and if the local police department knows, why hasn't the cat been returned?

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