In less than 24 hours, Shady's restaurants have raised over $120,000 to pay fines associated with opening before the government gives clearance.

A fundraiser was started on Saturday May 16th for all six Shady's restaurant locations. The owner was notified by the Attorney General's Office on Friday stating that if the restaurants planned to open on Monday May 18th they would be facing large fines. If they opened like they planned, each of the locations would be hit with a $25,000 fine.

This isn't a fight we should HAVE to fight, but it is a fight we are GOING to fight! We are taking a stand to fight for our rights to earn a living, to fight for our employees and their families and to fight for ALL MN SMALL BUSINESSES! In order to do this, we need to raise a minimum of $100,000 for legal fees to bring this to the Supreme Court. Any excess funds we receive will be used to help other small businesses in Minnesota. MN Strong!

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The organizer went on to say that provided they get to open their doors for business, they will respect the CDC social distancing guidelines and follow any necessary restrictions.

In just 19 hours they had not only met, but exceeded their goal of $100,000 thanks to 910 backers to the GoFundMe. Donations rolled in from anywhere from $10 to $10,000. Yes, they had an individual donated $10,000. Central Minnesota rallied around this locally owned restaurant chain to help them open back up for business on the 18th.

Kris Shiffler, the owner of Shady's said they will be opening Shady's Hometown Tavern in Albany on Monday.

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