In an eye-opening letter sent from the accused driver, Timothy Biby, of the hit and run that took place in Scott County on April 29th, to his ex-wife Biby admitted that; "I tried to kill your boyfriend...I saw a guy leave on a bike and I lost it. I hit him with my car. Turns out he was a high school kid."

The hit and run happened on 185th Street in Credit River Township around 11 p.m, that is when 18-year-old Grant Skluzacek who was riding a motorcycle from a friends house in Lakeville home. Skluzacek suffered a fractured wrist and gashes that required stitches from the hit and run.

The Star Tribune states that Skluzacek "noticed the car's lights go off and figured the driver had turned off." Seconds later, the headlights came back on, the driver revved the engine and struck him.

At the scene, deputies noticed there were no tire or skid marks to indicate the driver made any attempt to avoid a collision. They also found a piece of a 1999 blue Honda Accord stuck in the rear wheel of the severely damaged motorcycle.

According to the Star Tribune, on May 4, Biby's ex-wife showed authorities a handwritten letter he sent her. In the letter, Biby stated he had driven by her condo in violation of a restraining order hoping she would be outside with her dog. That was when he saw a motorcyclist leaving and followed him.

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