We've said it again and again, we're all pretty upset that the Vikings didn't do well this season. They were expected to be a fantastic team this year and then... nothing.

This Chatfield man, Steven Rowland, shares in this frustration. Actually, he's just plain angry. He even says so in his letter to the Vikings. He also describes every Vikings fan ever when he says "I merely write from my battered heart."

In his letter, Steven talks about how he's been saving up to go to a Super Bowl game when the Vikings make it. He's been saving for a while.

I will turn 70 years of age in June. I have put away a little cash, here and there, for many, many years, to be able to attend a Super Bowl to watch the Minnesota Vikings compete at the highest level in football. I could be gone tomorrow and never have been able to witness that dream. Pretty sad and probably pathetic that I maintain this wish, but if these Minnesota Vikings can get it together, perhaps I may realize my dream before I end up on the wrong side of the grass.

I don't blame him, I'd be a little upset too!

You can read his full letter (see what he thinks needs to be done in order for the Vikings to go to the Super Bowl) HERE!



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