While the show took place the last two days of March, a Central Minnesota man's 1959 custom Nash Metropolitan is still turning heads up in Fargo. The Toppers Car Club car show was March 30th and 31st in West Fargo, where numerous awards were handed out and even had a camera or two present for a taped episode of "'Rides' with Jay Thomas that debuted yesterday on the Fargo Forum website. 

You can check out the episode that features Pierz-native Mike Lucking's custom 1959 Nash Metropolitan soft top convertible here. The host, Jay Thomas, seemed in awe of the HUGE V-8 that was dropped into the tiny two-door coupe. This is no longer a 'chick' car.

Mike appears in the video around the 3:20 marker and explains that he dropped the 350 in the Nash because he "likes a lot of horsepower in a small car." The custom Nash according to Mike took 3 years and the complete machine puts out "a little over 400" horsepower!

This is also the part where I tell you I am related to Mike. He is my wife's uncle, and his garage is like a museum with how meticulous it is. Thanks, Mike for letting me talk about this great car!

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