Last weekend, I learned two things while I was at a high school football game in Rochester, Minnesota.

  1. I am too old to sit on metal bleachers for 3 hours without padding
  2. There is a school in Rochester that has A-MAZ-ING school spirit.  They screamed so loud at times, I could hear the name of the person they were unison.

You Know You Are Old When...

Friday night, I was at the Century vs. Mayo high school football game in Rochester, Minnesota.  One of my kids plays in the marching band so we were there in our Century gear to cheer him on.  ( are awesome, fyi!).  If you missed the game, it was an absolutely perfect night for high school football!

The first 2 quarters were amazing.  And then...I felt it. 

I'm not sure what happens between halftime and that third quarter but my body just started hurting.  It wasn't just me either.  There were quite a few other parents who also appeared to be in their 40's that were making comments like, "man these bleachers make me feel really old!" and, "my back is killing me from these seats!".  It was like a continuous comment that just rolled through the stadium like the wave at Target Field.

I learned that night that I will never go to another game and sit on those horrible seats unless I have something squishy for my tushy.

Check Out The Enthusiasm From This Amazing High School Student Section in Minnesota

Second thing I learned was that the Mayo High School student section is da bomb.  And that's not cap.  (That means I'm not lying...for those who don't speak teenager.) Their student section has so much enthusiasm and school spirit, I wondered if they all drank 5 Red Bulls before the game started.  So much energy, it was just awesome to watch.

Here's why they stood out (and no, it is not because they were wearing extremely bright clothes):

  • There were moments in the game when the entire student section were screaming a specific person's name, and we could hear it perfectly from the other side of the stadium.
  • When they got a touchdown (which they got quite a few), several people got down on the ground and did pushups.  If the score was 21, they did 21.  When they got 7 more, they got back down and started over and went all the way to the new score.

But Jessica, My Kids' School in Minnesota Did _________!  Why aren't you writing about that?

I know we have more schools in Minnesota and there are other awesome things happening that you are seeing and other sports, theatre, plays, concerts, clubs, or even fundraisers that are happening.  Since I can't be in multiple locations at one time, I'd love it if you could help me out.

If you notice something amazing that deserves a shoutout, take a photo or video and tag me on Facebook (Jessica Williams On The Radio) or Instagram (Jessica On The Radio).  You can also send me an e-mail at  Teachers and Principals, this can be you too.  Let me know if there is something amazing happening at your schools.  I'd love to spread those good news stories in our community.

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