When you are forced to wait and kill time at an airport anything seems interesting. While my wife and I were waiting to catch out flight back from Houston yesterday I stumbled down the rabbit hole that is the internet yet again. This time my take away, and potential gift for someone special, was a calendar devoted to pictures of dogs pooping. At its core, it's just a dog taking a dump, but it is kind of artsy looking too other than the whole dog thing. 

Image Credit: PoopingPooches via Esty
Image Credit: PoopingPooches via Esty

I mean check out that mountain scene, majestic!

Esty user PoopingPooches is selling the calendars, and part of the $14.99 that the calendar sells for, goes to a Humane Society in Hawaii. This year's calendar features:

"A Jack Russell Terrier, Boxer, Maltese, Pit Bull, Labradoodle, Toy Fox Terrier, Portuguese Water Dog and more!" - Etsy Site

A local humane society should jump on this for next year as a way to create awareness for their cause.

It is the gift that just keeps on giving. If you are forced to have a calendar up in your office or home you might as well get some enjoyment out of it right?

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