I saw this snow plow, looks like something that fell off of a plow that was in the process of plowing.  Seriously, it looks a little scary and kind of intimidating.  But, apparently it's the new thing that MNDOT has gotten to help clear more snow in less time.

Via Youtube.com MnDOT
Via Youtube.com MnDOT

This plow looks a little strange.  It looks like it fell off of something else, but actually it's built to look like this so that multiple lanes can be cleared at once.  This will be very handy for anyone driving in the Twin Cities.  So commuters, listen up, this could be a total game changer.

But it does look pretty strange.  See it in action in this video.

Strange or not, this thing is pretty awesome! But if you see this plow while you are driving, stay back.

MnDOT used its MnDOT Minute social media post on Thursday to remind motorists to use caution and stay back at least 10 car lengths when they approach a snowplow ahead of them on the road, which MnFDOT says will keep you and the snowplow driver safe.  

Whether or not it's this plow or another one that you may encounter while driving in Minnesota, remember to keep a safe distance and don't try and pass them.  This just means that you will need to be a patient driver, and realize that it may take some extra time to get to your destination.  Might be a good idea to choose an alternate route if the plows are out on the roads at the time that you are traveling on them as well.

Stay safe!

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