Spring seems to finally be here, but with that comes a dirty windshield on your car. Even when I'm not driving, my windshield gets filthy. The past few days it's been covered with a coating of dust from the wind blowing all the dirt and grit around. Why am I talking about dirty windshields? Well, I just wanted to remind you to make sure you top off your windshield wash reservoir. There's nothing worse (OK, really there is but for the purpose of this post, let's just go with it) than having a filthy windshield, and trying to clean it off, only to discover you're out of washer fluid.

You can use any brand of washer fluid you chose but I usually go with Prestone De-icer Winter Windshield Washer Fluid all year round because it doesn't freeze unless it dips past 27 degrees below zero, and it's streak free. There are other brands that work well below zero as well but I prefer the Prestone. Plus, because of my OCD tendencies, I don't like mixing the different colors of washer fluid. Stay away from the blue washer fluid unless you know it'll be completely out of your vehicle's system before winter. It tends to freeze up, leaving you with dirty windows.

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