Most beer stories these days are about a new craft brewery opening, but here's one about a classic Minnesota brewery that's closing its doors.


Ever since the law changed in 2011 that allowed craft breweries to sell their own beer in taprooms, the number of craft breweries in Minnesota has exploded. And that might be the reason this classic brewery in St. Paul is actually closing.

How's that? Well, according to a post on their Facebook page, Great Waters Brewing Company in St. Paul is shutting its doors for good on November 18th-- the victim, apparently, of all that new craft brewery competition here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Great Waters noted in their post that when they opened in St. Paul back in 1997-- which was well before even the Xcel Energy Center was built-- 'craft beer' wasn't even really a thing in Minnesota. Heck, outside of the mass beers, like your Miller Lites, Coors and Budweisers, 'craft beer' back then pretty much meant Summit, Schell's or maybe the occasional Leinenkugels (okay, I know that's a Wisconsin beer, but it was still available here in Minnesota back then.)

Now, though, Great Waters (which is the oldest brewpub in St. Paul) says there could over 145 breweries operating in Minnesota by the end of the year-- which no doubt offers a lot of other competition they never had to contend with before. So, after brewing and serving over 3-million pints of beer, they're putting the beer steins and pint glasses away for the last time later this month.

They're running specials on beer and merchandise as they enter their last week in business. As a beer lover and fan of local breweries, it's always sad to see one close up shop. Hopefully, they'll keep their recipes alive and can come back someway, in some different form, in the future!

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