Is there anything more adorable than a cute animal needing a name?  Normally, I'd say "no" to that question.  But today, our world just got a lot cuter because not just one animal needs a name but TWO!  And they live right here in Minnesota.

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Como Zoo in Minnesota Welcomes Two New Animals

Facebook must know that I adore photos of cute animals because right there in my feed was an ostrich looking at me.  Honestly, it scared me at first, and then I realized it was kind of smiling at me.  #SuperCute

Photo by Ricardo IV Tamayo on Unsplash
Photo by Ricardo IV Tamayo on Unsplash

Just under the photo was a message that I knew would bring smiles to other animal lovers too and I knew I had to share the news.

Have you heard? Como’s resident ostrich, Pickles, has 2 new friends and we’re asking for your help to name them! - Como Park Zoo & Conservatory Facebook Page

The zookeepers gathered name suggestions and narrowed the selections to the following pairs.  Now, they need to know which pair of names you think would be the best names for the two new ostrich friends.

  • Gouda & Brie
  • Kimchi & Ginger
  • Omelette & Quiche

Put your vote in for the best name combo at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory website here.

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Learn More about Como Park Zoo and Conservatory in Minnesota

If you've never had a chance to visit Como in Minnesota, you MUST add this to your bucket list this summer.  This is a great, affordable place for anyone to visit in Minnesota and there are so many amazing animals that you get to see and learn about.

Get directions and learn more about hours and all of the animals and fun waiting for you at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory at their website here.

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