It has been confirmed, and I for one, am so excited. It is no secret that my favorite genre of music is definitely the big-hair bands of the 80's. If it's rock, and it came from the 80's, I am definitely at risk to go all fan girl at the thought of going to a concert.

My parents would never let me attend rock concerts as a young teen, and now that I have a teenage daughter,  I completely understand their reasoning. Yes, my mom was right, only took me a couple of decades past my teen years to figure that one out.

But, I digress, the big news is; Warrant, Winger, and Dokken will be playing at the Freeborn County Fair in 2018. You read that right, all 3 bands will perform on Friday, August 3, 2018 in the Grandstand at the fair. The Freeborn County Fair is known for bringing in some very well known country stars, and next year they are bringing back some rock acts. Seriously, I am dancing around here, I am so happy to hear this.

You can get tickets starting tomorrow at 10 am, at For more information about the line up, you can also check out the Albert Lea Tribune.

Albert Lea isn't that far of a drive, and I will most definitely be attending this concert.

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Kellie Warren, Getty Images / MTV