Schroder Concessions is at the Rice County Fairgrounds again today offering up corndogs and cheese curds for anyone who wants a taste of the fair. On top of that, any member of the class of 2020 from the area who comes to the fairgrounds will get either a free corndog or cheese curds with a soft drink as a way of showing appreciation to those that are graduating this year. First responders, nurses, and doctors are also getting the same deal today. 

In a post to the 'If You Grew Up In Fairbault' Facebook Page Brad Schroder made the announcement.

Image Credit: Screen Grab Paul shea/TSM
Image Credit: Screen Grab Paul shea/TSM

The post reads:

"11am - 2PM @ The Rice County Faigrounds

Thank you to the Rice County Fairgrounds for allowing us to use their grounds for this event!

Don't let the rain scare you away! We are set up by a long shelter

***Class of 2020 members from FHS, FLC, BA, Discovery and Minnesota Academies, school teachers and staff and -First Responders and District One, Faribault Allina and Faribault Mayo Health Care Employees will receive either a corn dog or order of cheese curds and a soft drink free of charge. Additional items will be available for purchase.

**Please bring your school ID or Workplace Badge."

So if you were looking for a sampling of summer, and a way to support a local food vendor today is your day. It's been great to see the Rice County Fair continue to support local vendors as County Fairs continue to announce cancelations.

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So far, both the Rice and Steele County Fairs have NOT made an announcement that they were canceling the fairs.

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