If you use County Road 1 to get to and from work everyday you'll want to pay attention to this! Rice County is hoping to be doing construction on Co. Road 1 starting April 30th with a goal end date of July 20th, 2019. With Co. Road 1 giving drivers access between I-35 and Highway 52, and the growing residential and commercial area along the road, this road is becoming increasingly popular, so Rice County wants to improve the safety and quality of the road. If the construction is approved they will be repaving the road, widening the shoulders, and cutting down the hill. They are also hoping to create a roundabout at the intersection of Highland Parkway/Farrel Ave. and Co. Road 1 and adding an underpass for pedestrians on the west side of Highland Parkway. During construction the road will be closed to through traffic but will stay open for local traffic. The project has not yet been approved but they are hoping it will go through in order to better this extremely popular road.

Rice County posted an areal video of what they hope to do with this construction project.

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