When you drive through southern Minnesota or northern Iowa at this time of the year you see field after field of corn 7 or 8 feet tall. Needless to say (maybe you have not noticed) we have seen temperatures much above normal this month. The question is can all those cornfields make you sweat. Actually, in a way corn will sweat on a hot day and that will make people sweat even more!

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Corn plants at this time of the year have roots going 5 or 6 feet down into the subsoil. The corn roots pull moisture out of the soil and some of that moisture escapes through the leaves. It is called transpiration. The higher the air temperature the more moisture the corn loses through transpiration. The moisture evaporating off of the leaves cools the plant during a hot day. When the corn is losing more moisture than the roots can supply you will see the corn curl its leaves to conserve moisture.

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So, actually, you could say corn sweats just like people do to stay cool. The end result is all those cornfields can raise the humidity in a local area. Higher humidity or dew points mean people will be uncomfortable and sweat at lower temperatures.

Yes, corn sweats and that makes people sweat too!

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