I can see how, if this is made well, this could be a pretty useful product for medical students. But it appears that this was created to fit in your pocket. So just think about it, if you're not a medical student and you see someone whip this out in line at the DMV or at the airport you'd be a little weirded out right?

Credit: Your Design Medical via Amazon
Credit: Your Design Medical via Amazon

We're talking about a suture practice kit. See? Useful! For certain people. And for other people, this would look bizarre if you saw someone practicing stitches while they're getting their hair cut or something.

The item listing says it's way better than "suturing on tough pig’s feet or other dead animals" (honestly had no idea that's how they practice). It also claims to be cheaper than their competitors!

So if you know a med student or soon-to-be med student, maybe you could get this for them as a Christmas or birthday gift! Boom, most useful gift ever.


Check out the product listing HERE and check out more from Your Design Medical HERE.


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