A new species of tick has been discovered in New Jersey that isn't know to the US. The tick comes from East Asia and can carry a disease that could kill you in 48 hours.

Excuse me, WHAT?? That's it, I'm never going outside again!

This tick has experts worried, not just because they can kill people so quickly, but because it survived the winter which means it's here to stay. Some experts even think this tick can, get this, CLONE ITSELF.

Wow, I gotta sit down, this tick situation is getting out of hand! We're already having a rough time over here in Minnesota with too many ticks and mosquitos as it is, we really don't need a deadly, cloning one added to the mix. All it would take is one bird to carry this tick here and, tah dah, this deadly tick has made a home in Minnesota.

The CDC says that "the number of people getting sick from ticks, mosquito, and fleas tripled over the past 12 years and they may be carrying nine new germssome causing illnesses that have left people dead in a few days."

As of right now, none of the East Asian ticks that have been examined in New Jersey carry the deadly disease. So far so good, let's keep it that way!

Regardless, be careful out there! If you think you might be headed somewhere where there might be ticks, check out these tips to keep yourself from getting bitten!


Source: Fox 29


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