Time for a quick life hack as we have begun to realize that the world we are living in now is massively different than what it was like two to three weeks ago. It's been mentioned in the last several press conferences by Minnesota's Department of Health and Gov. Walz. Gas pumps. Some places like Kwik Trip where you can fuel up have hand sanitizer pump stations at the gas pumps. Other gas stations and convenience stores aren't so lucky, so in that case make sure you've got a plastic bag in your car. That way you don't have to touch the pump handle and possibly get sick or spread germs to others. 

My wife and I have pets, so naturally, we always seem to have an abundance of plastic bags for cleaning up after our pets. So it's not too hard for us to find a plastic bag in our vehicles for these types of instances.

I found myself filling up after work today, and I grabbed the pump handle and inserted the nozzle into my car and began to fill up. It was at this point I looked around for some sanitizer and briefly had a mild panic attack. I found a bag in my car, slipped my hand in it, finished pumping the gas, hung up the pump, tossed the bag, drove home.

Another great thing you can have in your car if you are able to find it on store shelves is some hand sanitizer, but right now plastic bags might be your best bet to stay safe at area gas stations that aren't equipped with hand sanitizer.

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