Crocs just recently announced their first quarter sales for 2021, and they are doing just fine. In fact they had record sales. According to CNN, sales surged 64% so far this year. That's $460 million dollars worth of sales. The company has now adjusted it's revenue forecast to be up 40% to 50% in sales this year. Earlier they were already expecting a 20-25% increase.

Just this last weekend, Questlove (whoever that is) showed off his gold crocs on the red carpet at the Oscars. We've had our own country artists like Luke Combs partner with crocs to sell some shoes. Those sold out fast.  Other pop artists like even Justin Bieber are involved in croc collaborations.

CNN's article is called "Crocs, Ugly No More." I've been wearing crocs for 14 years. I have had several pairs, and it's never been for fashion. It's because they are an affordable, comfortable shoe. Now that they are fashionable, I feel vindicated after friends have teased me about them for years. Seriously where else can you find a slip on shoe this comfortable and useful for the price? Nowhere! They are perfect for Northland summers too! We've got so many lakes and they are the perfect footwear to bring to the beach.

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Millennials and even the Gen Zers are onboard too. Sales are increasing among those demographics. And by the way boomers if you think millennials are just young kids, some of us are turning 40 soon and have foot pain.

It took a pandemic for people to realize how important comfort can be, and this fashion trend just shows that sometimes it takes time for an ugly duckling to become the beautiful swan it is. I fully understand that it is a ridiculous stretch of reference for talking about a shoe, but just let me have this one thing.

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