This dad stole the show.

Watch as a parent at a high school basketball game sings The Star-Spangled Banner after the audio equipment failed in the gym.

He didn't need a microphone or any cue cards, all that he needed was his powerful voice to deliver the anthem.


When things got quiet in the gymnasium after the audio dropped, this man took it upon himself to finish the patriotic theme song and he got a massive round of applause for his efforts.

The best part, while those in attendance applauded him for singing the anthem, he sat back down and continued to eat his popcorn like it was nothing.


You know, when I see stories like this I often ask myself what I would do in this situation. I can honestly say here that I probably would NOT have done what this mad did.

For one, I don't have this talent and my voice just would not have had the impact that this man's voice had on all in the gym.

Sir, I salute you for your efforts and job well done.


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